Patentability, Infringement and Validity Searches are some of the strongest areas for Martin Goffman Associates. Mistakes can be dangerous and costly. Many have found years after having a patent search conducted, that one small stone was not overturned and that mistake is now costing you or your client thousands of dollars.
Patentability or Novelty searches We search the patent and technical literature in order to help the individual or company (or their attorney) determine if the new idea is truly novel.
Infringement search We thoroughly and comprehensively search the patent literature to assist in determining if the new or existing product will infringe on existing patents. This should routinely be done prior to a new product launch. We also examine recently issued patents to determine if they potentially infringe on your patent.
Validity Search If actual or potential infringement is of concern, a validity search should be conducted. Prior art may invalidate an existing patent removing the need to license the technology or pay royalties.

When you work with Martin Goffman Associates you will receive thoroughly researched information, a personal consultation arranged at your convenience at both the beginning and final stages of the project, and you will benefit from our comprehensive and professional services.

Martin Goffman is an expert patent searcher. Some of his unusual techniques have enabled patent attorneys to have the validity of existing patents overturned while in other cases he was able to save clients significant amounts of money in royalties by not only pointing out the possible infringement of existing patents but also by assisting in the redesign of a process to avoid the infringement altogether.

Martin Goffman Associates has conducted hundreds of patent searches. We also provide exceptional services in all aspects of litigation support. Our firm specializes in the more complex and difficult cases rather than the routine.
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