Martin Goffman Associates approach to research and competitive intelligence is to provide a detailed understanding of a particular industry, market, technology or company. We seek to provide not just research but analysis; not just information, but information that is useful to our clients. Our service mark is to "turn information into intelligence"®.

Our people understand technology and its implications. We have expertise in market development, marketing research, marketing strategy studies, market testing, surveys, and all scientific disciplines. Our research is done in stages. We start by doing on-line research. We develop a market/company/technology "snapshot" by searching for articles that discuss market size, trends, key players, etc. We research published literature including business magazines, industry journals and newsletters, analysts reports, newspapers, etc. We look at and analyze national trends to determine alternatives and other opportunities for our clients. This analysis of the information is the key to our exceptional service. During this stage we also identify some of those people that we will likely call during the next stage of our work.

The second stage is where we combine the results of the on-line research with phone interviews and competitive intelligence. We employ special branching logic that allows us to explore additional areas. The range of people approached covers middle management and executive level employees, again as a means of validation.

The extent to which we conduct our studies depends on the scope of the project as defined by time and budgets. We also include company literature and catalogs where possible. Our reports generally consist of an executive summary, a narrative and analysis, and appendices. When appropriate, we will also provide recommendations for further study and interviews. Our strength lies in our technical expertise coupled with our market study specialists. We address in the final report each of the issues and sub issues defined on our client's project requests.


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