Choosing the proper LIMS system for a particular laboratory operation is a critical but at the same time a very difficult choice. No one system is best in every laboratory environment. There are many considerations, some of them quite abstract, that enter into the LIMS decision. The overall assessment of a laboratory's operation may reveal a need for changes other than, or in addition to, the LIMS. There is a great deal more to a LIMS needs assessment than simply looking at the laboratory workflow.

We function as unbiased LIMS consultants. We offer no system of our own, have no vested interest in recommending one vendor's system over another, and we do not write custom software for consulting clients. We work on our client's behalf only. We have no special relationship with any particular vendor and therefore we are free to recommend only what is truly in the best interest of our clients. In one case, the paper based system the client currently used was far better suited to their particular and unique need that any LIMS system then available would supply. For them, the ideal solution was partial instrument automation.

A great deal of work needs to be done to determine precisely the most appropriate LIMS system for our client's needs. More money doesn't necessarily buy you a "better" LIMS but neither does an inexpensive LIMS that doesn't do what you need it to do in your particular environment.

Basically, our role in the successful implementation of a LIMS system into a company involves four separate, but closely integrated procedures. They are:
  1. Identify the information needs of a laboratory, in conjunction with management and users.
  2. Assist in the unbiased selection of the best hardware and software for the operations anticipated.
  3. Plan for the integration of the proposed system.
  4. Assist in getting the new system installed and running.
We assist in the selection process and ensure the integrity of the vendors' information. Our role may be as large or as small as the client desires.

We have found in our experience that a number of very well defined procedures need to be followed in providing a firm foundation upon which to base the LIMS "decision"

There are many intangibles and small steps involved in arriving at the best solution for each client and in most cases it is not possible to define each of them in advance. Many are determined only during an on-site visit.

We work with our clients closely to ensure a successful LIMS implementation. The cost, not only in money spent for the wrong LIMS, but in time wasted, lost opportunities, wasted training costs, and other various factors, in choosing the wrong LIMS system can be enormous. The economic benefit and productivity increase considerations however far outweigh the trauma of implementation as long as the correct LIMS is chosen carefully. Our role is to make the successful transition as easy and cost effective as possible.

We provide consulting services to suit your individual needs. This may range from an information audit to providing the technical expertise to implement a new information system. We conduct user requirement and feasibility studies along with the evaluation of new products. We can also compare different systems and recommend the best one to fit your needs.
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